Administrative Office of the Courts, Washington State

Client: Administrative Office of the Courts, Washington State

Project: Project Management Office (PMO) Starter-Kit

Statement of Work/Project Goals:

The Project Management Office (PMO) within the Administrative Office of the Courts(AOC) undertook a comprehensive methodology that would eliminate or reduce manyinefficiencies that occur during a project development lifecycle. From project inception, to feasibility assessment and planning, the task of project management required extensive communication and collaboration through proper channels at the AOC. The process thatthe agency undertook was fraught with human error and wasted effort. The goal wasto automate and streamline the known management processes as much as possible. The project utilized a combination of tools such as effective marketing to stakeholders, project planning to capture the key milestones, resource planning to handle the risk of turn-over, and technology assessment to validate various approaches.


CodeSmart completed the analysis, product evaluation, testing, training, and custom development of the first phase of the overall effort. We also delivered functional specifications, a role-based test plan, an integration test plan, a technical migration strategy, custom feature implementation, security definitions, project scheduling, SharePoint 2007 development, Project Server 2007 development, and knowledge transfer documentation.

Project Summary:

We thoroughly reviewed the existing infrastructure, marketing communications, and executive summaries provided by the AOC. We also reviewed network and server infrastructure documentation, analyzed SharePoint workflows, InfoPath forms, andsecurity configurations for better understanding of the existing base-line environment.

All the information was pulled together to form a comprehensive Systems RequirementsSpecification with technical and non-technical components. We defined application roles in addition to expected outcomes and procedures for operation. CodeSmart quickly developed a comprehensive Test-Plan following the completion of the Systems Requirements Specification (SRS) and established a set of instructions for testers to follow for bug reporting and classification.

We were also responsible for the complete implementation of the vision for the firstPhase of the PMO Starter-Kit project. This involved resolving any outstanding bugs, implementing a dozen custom features, modifying the Master Pages associated with SharePoint 2007, and performing a knowledge transfer with AOC staff regarding tools and utilities.

Near the end of the project we completed all of the tasks that AOC needed and also had time to complete additional Project Server 2007 configuration and reporting.This separate but related project became possible due to the additional revenue that remained at the end of the SharePoint 2007 effort.

Main Technical Skills:

  • Project Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • Product Evaluation
  • SharePoint 2007 customization
  • Project Server 2007 configuration and implementation
  • Schedule & Resource Planning